Feature Improvements 19 April 2019

Feature Improvements 19 April 2019

We have done a lot of checking and found minor errors in each feature. Here are some of the improvements that we have made.

  1. Daily & WeekEnd Rewards Bonus Features

    We have removed the dialog box and we replaced it with the bonus reward choice form placed on the right sidebar. This has a positive effect and increases the speed of web access for aditif.co.in members. For daily bonuses, there are requirements for daily experience points that must be fulfilled, while for the weekly bonus you can choose the bonus option without daily exp. req. We also added a coin payout bonus up to 400% from normal send coin. This bonus applies to autosend coin feature in both the standard autosend and turbo autosend.

  2. Aditif Cash Deposit Features

    We found a bug in the Aditif Cash Bonus Deposit Feature specifically the deposit issue using alt coin. We have fixed it and now you can deposit smoothly for all alt coins. We have fixed the Aditif Cash bonus for members who have never received a bonus. So you can claim AC 1000 bonus starting today.

  3. Instant Withdraw Feature

    Previously there was only 1 Instant Withdraw feature and had 10 minutes delay for each instant withdraw. Now we add a new sub feature full instant withdrawal. So in the Instant Withdraw feature, you can find the partial instant withdraw tab and full instant withdraw. Partial instant withdraw is an old feature that you can use to send multiple coins in 1 instant withdraw process with a delay time of 10 minutes. Full instant withdraw is a new feature that you can use to send all Aditif Balance Points to one type of coin you choose with a delay time of 24 hours with minimum requirements of 1000 ABP.

That is the improvement we have made. We hope all members can more easily enjoy the Aditif.co.in service and get more unlimited profits. We still carry out inspections every day so that we can provide the best services for loyal members of Aditif.co.in.

If you have constructive criticism and suggestions or want to ask about our services, you can do PM aditif.co.in via faucethub. We will answer each of your questions with pleasure.
Thank you for using our service.


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