Happy Ramadan 2019 Ramadan Mubarak 1440H and Feature Update 06 May 2019

Happy Ramadan 2019 Ramadan Mubarak 1440H and Feature Update 06 May 2019

Ramadan Mubarak, means Happy Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem, meaning Have a generous Ramadan. May this Ramadan be filled with joy, health, and wealth.

Ramadan, the most important month of the year in the Muslim calendar. For a month (29~30 days), Muslims around the world do not eat from dawn to dusk, pray intensely and gather for nightly feasts to break the fast.

The date of Ramadan varies each year and is determined by the cycles of the moon. Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, and it officially begins the morning after the crescent moon is visible to the naked eye.

Muslims fast from sunrise, known as suhoor, to sunset, known as iftar. Muslims typically sip water and eat dates before performing sunset prayers. They then share an "iftar" feast with friends and family. Many mosques host free iftar meals for the public during Ramadan.

In 2019, Ramadan will begin on Monday, 6th May 2019 (according to Saudi Arabia) and end on Tuesday, 4th June 2019.

Information about PTCWall services
Mexicantarget as the owner of PTCWall has announced that he has finished repairing the PTCwall web and reopening its services. Now you can access this PTCwall on our offerwall menu smoothly.

Small subfeatures update
We will immediately add the fast level up subfeature for automatic coin payout to FaucetHub in the turbo autosend feature. You can take advantage of this feature to speed up your level of FaucetHub account. Currently the fast level up feature in the turbo autosend coin can be used by selecting more than 1 coin type and each coin must be worth more than or equal to 10 satoshi (each process is divided by 10 to 10x autosend in 1 process) and choose the timer type is "time interval beetwen coins".

As you fast and offer prayers to Allah, may you find your peace and happiness. Wishing you all the blessings of the holy month. Enjoy it.


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