New update on feature improvements, bonus reward and daily event

New update on feature improvements, bonus reward and daily event

We have fixed the captcha feature for WMP-captcha and added a new captcha with hCaptcha. If there is a captcha service that cannot be used, you can choose other captcha faster.

Point Mining
Now, point mining feature can be used smoothly. You can mine points and make point withdrawals after meet the minimum mining hash requirements.

Point amount rates
Now you can change the point exchange amount for BTC to a maximum of each level so that you get the chance to gain 200% profit. You can also change the exchange rate of all alternative coins to the maximum so you get a 200% profit for each autosend coin. Starting from level 2, each level has a point amount limit of 10x levels.

The above calculation does not include extra bonuses at each level, you will get additional percentage benefits according to your level. You can see the exchange points on the send coin menu like on the instant withdraw page or Autosend.

Get 2x coin autosend bonus
There are alternative ways besides setting maximum points. You can get 2x bonus for autosend coins every day by fulfilling 1000 exp requirements every day. After you meet the 1000 exp requirements, the 2x coin bonus autosend option will be active and you can choose it.

Instant withdraw
For instant withdraw we add the full withdrawal feature. By using the full withdraw feature, you will get 150% payout. This feature allows you to send coins instantly by exchanging all ABP amounts. For the old partial instant withdraw feature that depends on the number of points set on the wallet address page, it can still be used. Each feature has point rates that you can see below the form.

New daily event
Starting April 6, 2019 the above features will be active and we will provide a new bonus program. Every day you have the opportunity to activate a bonus option of up to 150% ABP and 300% exp after getting a minimum of 100 exp. Especially for weekend events, the choice of bonus remains as usual and can be active 24 hours non-stop without requirements.


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