Official update 2019-01-11

Official update 2019-01-11

We have done many feature updates as follows
  • New menu
    We add and compile a new menu, About Us which contains submenu of News & Information, FAQ, Privacy Policy & TOS and Contact Us.
  • Hide/Show shortener link
    This is useful for you if any shortlinks that are problematic or you don't like them, so you can claim your reward points faster according to your wishes.
  • Resend Verification Code
    If you forgot your verification code, go to Resend Code. Enter your BTC address and email address that you use in the account. Our system will resend verification code to your email.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    The FAQ can be a guide for members who want and are currently using the service. Frequently asked questions will be added here at any time. Whatever your question about our services, you can find the answer on this page. We hope this can help new users to understand the service.
  • News & Information
    This feature is useful for disseminating official information from us regarding our service updates.
  • Realtime point count
    Probably not fully the point calculation can be realtime, but we try to make our services close to realtime so that all members do not have to wait for delay to see the calculation of personal reward points.
  • Referral Program
    Based on member requests, we add several alternative referral codes that can be distributed in the following formats.
  • Breadcumb Navigation System
    To make it easier for users to know which page they are on, we add a breadcumb navigation system.
  • Offer Walls
    New offer walls added and improved calculation of better offer-wall rewards. domain is registered on 2018-11-19 and starts operating on 2018-11-21.
At this time our total member is more than 3000+ and is always increasing by time to time.

We have received a lot of suggestion personally from each user, maybe not all of suggestion can implement it, but we hope that we will continue to improve our services so we can provide the best service to every member of
We will still work hard to improve the service and add new features.

And as usual, we gave a surprise bonus of ABP 500 for each user who logged in from today on 2019-01-11 to the last date of 2019-01-17 as a form of our gratitude to God and all of members.

Thank you for faithfully using our services. Hopefully all members can enjoy our services well and smoothly. Enjoy and Have fun.

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